Board of Directors

Justin Raade, Ph.D.

Dr. Justin Raade has 10 years experience in cleantech and in commercializing the work of multidisciplinary R&D teams. He was a Staff Scientist at Symyx Technologies where he began his research with molten salt. Dr. Raade received an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship to support his doctoral research in Mechanical Engineering at UC Berkeley. His work there focused on applied thermodynamics and energy storage with hybrid systems using fuel cells and lithium polymer batteries. He has an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT.

Dean Sirovica, Ph.D.

Dr. Dean Sirovica is an active early-stage investor. He founded the Energy/Clean Tech SIG at the Band of Angels. He is a founder of Xona Partners, a consulting and M&A advisory firm. Previously Dean was VP of Business Development for Huawei USA, responsible for Partnerships and M&A. He held executive roles with Vodafone, Sprint, and USWEST. Cofounded Malibu Networks, a pioneering developer of wireless DSL. Dean spent several years in academic research at University College London on communications and distributed systems. He holds BSEE and PhD from the University of Sussex, UK, and MBA from Golden Gate University, San Francisco.

David Kearney, Ph.D.

Dr. David Kearney is widely regarded as an international expert in CSP technology and maintains consulting relationships with many industry leaders. He played a key role at Luz International during the building of the Solar Electric Generating Systems (SEGS). Dr. Kearney held a leadership role at the Solar Energy Research Institute (now NREL), and was instrumental in the commercialization of parabolic trough technology through his many contributions to industrial developments. He has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.

Tom Baruch

Tom Baruch is a leading venture capitalist based in San Francisco and has over 40 years building companies by "connecting the great ideas to the great company builders". Tom founded CMEA Capital in 1989 to pursue a lifelong passion for applying investment discipline and strategy to nuture investment success in the application of exponential new technologies, such as Moore's Law and genomics, to building breakthrough companies that will transform industries.

Grants Awarded
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