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Halotechnics Introduces Haloglass Products

April 25, 2013

Halotechnics announces Haloglass™—breakthrough fluids suitable for applications in extreme heat. Haloglass products are unique liquid glass materials consisting of stable oxide chemicals.Saltstream™ Family“With the launch of Haloglass products, we are enabling a new class of applications at temperatures beyond red hot,” says Justin Raade, Halotechnics CEO. Haloglass is the first fluid technology that allows controlled heat transfer and thermal management at temperatures exceeding 1000 °C, while remaining liquid and pumpable at low temperature. Demanding applications that were previously impossible are now attainable, such as waste heat capture for heavy industry, thermal energy storage at full combustion temperature, and gasification processes that drive clean energy production.

Halotechnics Adds Four New Members to Saltstream Family

April 15, 2013

Halotechnics announces the launch of four new molten salt products! These advanced thermal fluids are formulated with earth abundant and stable salt components for applications covering a broad range of operating temperatures. Saltstream™ Family"We are pleased to expand the Saltstream line with these innovative new products," says Justin Raade, Halotechnics CEO. "We are continuing to utilize our high throughput chemistry techniques to screen thousands of materials and develop thermal fluids with unbeatable performance and price." The new products are currently available for quotation and delivery to service our customers' thermal management application requirements.

Halotechnics Unveils Saltstream Family of Products

December 6, 2012

Halotechnics has announced the addition of two new members to its Saltstream product line. Saltstream 700 has been developed as a high-temperature Saltstream™ Familymolten salt product that can operate within a temperature range from as low as 240 °C to over 700+ °C. At the other end of the temperature spectrum, Saltstream 300 has been developed as a low melting molten salt with applications as a working fluid for manufacturing and chemical synthesis processes, in addition to thermal energy storage.

Halotechnics to Receive NSF Phase II SBIR Grant

September 6, 2012

This Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II project proposes to develop a novel molten salt for solar thermal power generation with supercritical steam turbines. Solar thermal technology developers must increase the operating temperature of their plants to lower their levelized cost of electricity and reduce the cost of thermal storage. NSFBuilding upon a successful Phase I program, the project team has developed a prototype salt mixture that could enable this trend. It is low cost, exhibits a melting point below 240 °C, and has a high maximum temperature of 700 °C, a broad operating range currently unavailable elsewhere. The project will conduct a high throughput R&D program to rapidly screen up to thousands of unique mixtures of inorganic salts to optimize the physical properties of the prototype fluid. The project will apply combinatorial chemistry techniques, originally developed for pharmaceutical applications, to this new field. After screening many candidates, the project will evaluate the materials compatibility of a few promising mixtures with common steel and nickel-based alloys. Corrosion mitigation techniques will be developed and evaluated. The project will conduct flow testing in a lab-scale test loop capable of 700 °C operation.

Two Industry Veterans Join Halotechnics Board

July 2012

Halotechnics is pleased to welcome Tom Baruch and Dave Kearney aboard its Board of Directors. Tom Baruch is a leading venture capitalist based in San Francisco and has over 40 years building companies by "connecting the great ideas to the great company builders". Tom founded CMEA Capital in 1989 to pursue a lifelong passion for applying investment dicipline and strategy to nuture investment success in the application of exponential new technologies, such as Moore's Law and genomics, to building breakthrough companies that will transform industries. Dave Kearney is a widely recognized international expert in solar power plant development. He holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and is a fellow in the American Solar Energy Society.

Halotechnics Receives Dispatchability Solution Award

June 27, 2011

CSP TodayHalotechnics is pleased to be the recipient of a Dispatchability Solution Award from the 2012 CSP Today USA Conference in Las Vegas. "Being dispatchable is the most important USP (Unique Selling Point) for CSP when compared with other sources of renewable energy. This award recognizes efforts in the CSP dispatchability solution arena, be it components, designs or projects. The judges will consider batteries, thermal storage of any nature and hybridization."

Halotechnics Awarded $3.3 Million ARPA-E Grant

September 29, 2011

Halotechnics is pleased to be the recipient of a $3.3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy's Advanced Research Projects Agency · Energy (ARPA-E) for groundbreaking energy research. Halotechnics will develop a high temperature thermal storage system utilizing a new low cost, earth abundant, and low melting point molten glass as the heat transfer and thermal Advanced Research Projects Agency·Energystorage material. This new material will enable unprecedented efficiency with thermal energy storage and has the potential to reduce costs by a factor of ten when developed and deployed at commercial scale. Halotechnics will optimize the material in order to develop a complete system to pump, heat, store, and discharge the molten glass. If successful, this technology will enable low cost and efficient thermal energy storage for concentrating solar and nuclear power applications."We've been thrilled by the discoveries we've made with our molten salts and are very excited to explore the use of molten glass to reach even higher temperatures for more efficient energy storage," said CEO, Justin Raade.

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