Concentrating Solar Power

Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) systems use the sun's heat to drive steam turbines and generate utility scale power. A CSP plant operates much like a coal-fired power plant, but rather than burning coal to create heat, the sun's heat makes the steam to drive turbines and generate electricity. This amazing technology uses thousands of mirrors that track the sun and concentrate the sun's heat onto a receiver. A heat transfer fluid is pumped through the receiver and collects the heat. The heated fluid is then used to boil water and drive a steam turbine to generate electricity.

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There are several key advantages to Concentrating Solar Power:

  • CSP plants create baseload power that is consistent, dispatchable, and scalable up to thousands of megawatts
  • CSP plants can store energy as heat, making CSP the only renewable energy that can be economically stored
  • CSP is a proven technology that has provided clean, consistent power to the grid for decades

Halotechnics increases the efficiency of CSP plants

Halotechnics is developing advanced molten salt heat transfer fluids to allow CSP plants to operate at the highest temperatures possible, making CSP plants more competitive and efficient.

Traditional CSP plant designs utilized organic materials, such as mineral oils, for heat transfer. By adopting molten salt, the cost of electricity from CSP can be significantly reduced.

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