Advantages & Disadvantages Of An Electric Car

Electric cars are quickly raising in popularity in the automotive world and there are even some auto companies who have based their whole business solely around electric cars. You do also get hybrid cars which use a combination of both gas and electricity to power the vehicle.

Conventional cars produce a large amount of carbon emissions that are delivered into the natural atmosphere which is one of the biggest causes of greenhouse gasses and pollution which damage the environment.

Electric cars help to preserve the environment because instead of using gas, they get their power from rechargeable batteries which are installed inside of the vehicle. These batteries power all the functions within the car from the wipers to the aux cable.

But what are the benefits of an electric car vs a gas-powered car? Through this guide we’ll show you the main benefits and drawbacks which will highlight why you should consider switching to an electric car.

Advantages Of An Electric Car

No Gas Is Needed

Electric cars run independently only using electricity that charges the batteries inside of the vehicle, which means that you never need to buy gas again. Traditional fuel can be very expensive and the price is always rising due to the finite resources that we have on the planet.

With an electric car, you can make substantial savings over the course of a year with the average American spending up to $4000 per year. Although charging your electric car isn’t free it is still much cheaper and there’s no more queuing at gas stations waiting to fill up your tank.

No Dangerous Emissions

Electric cars are designed to be 100% eco-friendly because they run completely on electric powered engines. This means that they don’t create and emit toxic gases into the natural environment and is labelled as a clean energy source.

It’s important to remember that even hybrid cars do create emissions so with an electric car you’ll be responsible for positively contributing to the environment.


Electric cars are subject to the same testing procedures as traditional gas powered cars so it performs in similar ways when the car is involved in an accident so you still expect that on impact the airbags will activate and open with the electricity being cut from the battery so the car stops moving. This action will limit the amount of damage that happens to both the car and the passengers. So if you’re making the change from a gas powered car you can have the added peace of mind knowing that there will be no difference in the safety functions of an electric car.

Lower Maintenance

Traditional gas powered engines require greater levels of maintenance because most of the parts within the engine require regular lubrication to keep them working efficiently.

Because electric cars run using electricity they need less maintenance saving you money in the long term, and the work required is often much cheaper, and you don’t to have it serviced as often as you do with a normal gas powered vehicle.


When electric cars were first released they were significantly more expensive than gas powered cars which put off a lot of people from purchasing. Over the years, technological advancements have resulted in both cost and maintenance decreasing has led to more affordable models which are competitively priced.

In addition, because companies are producing batteries in mass bulk this has further brought down the price in combination with tax incentives. In the coming years the prices will continue to fall as the pressure to develop a more eco-friendly world continues to rise.

Less Noise Pollution

Ever noticed how quiet electric cars are? Because they don’t have engines processing gas they are much quieter. Traditional automakers like Roll Royce have this as a prized feature which pushes the price up but this is just a normal feature in electric cars.

This lower noise decreases the amount of noise pollution generated whilst providing a smoother drive even with high acceleration.


Electric cars are growing in popularity every year with sales numbers continuing to increase rapidly. As the popularity increases, more car companies are investing money in creating their own versions of the electric car.

This means that there will be more choice and variations in the future with each company having unique models as they try to stand out from the crowd. This is only positive for the consumer.


Electric cars can be recharged very cheaply and you can even get cash incentives from the government for switching to a new electric car.

At first it may seem expensive to invest in a brand new electric car but once you take into account the long term savings and incentives you can see that it’s often more cost effective. Other local incentives include free parking and free charging.

Disadvantages Of An Electric Car

Restricted Range

Electric cars are limited by range with the majority being 80 to 100 miles which is quite a large distance from one charge for most journeys. With technology improving the range will keep increasing each year and there are now affordable electric cars with ranges around the 200 mile mark with the new Tesla model has a max range of 315 miles. There are also back up range extending engines just in case you get caught short.

Refuelling Time

The main issue that users have is the time it take to refuel an electric car. Typically for each hour of charge you will get an addition 20 to 25 miles of driving range using a 240 volt power source. An easy way to solve this is to charge your vehicle battery each night then it will be fully charged in the morning for your day of driving.

Higher Upfront Cost

Although electric cars are a cost saving investment you see the savings over a long period of time. However the upfront cost can often be more than a traditional gas powered car however over the years once you take into account the cheaper fuel rates and incentives you can save a considerable amount of money.

Silence Can Be A Safety Hazard

The silent running of the engine can be a disadvantage for some as this can lead to accidents if other road users and pedestrians can’t hear you coming. However as electric cars become more popular users are getting more used to having them on the roads.

Lack Of Recharge Points

Depending on your location or the route of your journey electric fueling stations can be hard to find and low in numbers. This means that if you’re planning on going on a longer journey be sure to check if there are fueling stations along the way and plan your journey around them accordingly so you don’t end up stranded.

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