Best Antifreeze and Coolants for Cars, Trucks & SUVs

Vehicle coolants and antifreeze is often overlooked by owners, but it is one of the key products to ensure that your engine is in pristine condition. The cooling system of the engine works to prevent your engine from overheating and of course some coolants are better at this than others.

Coolant is usually mixed with water and then poured into the reservoir and radiator of the vehicle which then needs refilling at regular intervals. Some coolants have ingredients which break down over time, which make you need to flush out the entire system every so often. The best antifreeze and coolants don’t cause this.

To put it simply, antifreeze and coolants increase the freezing and boiling points of your vehicles fluid so it reaches these maximum limits later than it ordinarily would. This increases your vehicles threshold for overheating and freezing, by acting as a lubricant for the moving parts within the engine and any parts that the fluid comes into contact with. This generates a smooth and easy operation.

Coolants may seem like a simple product and it doesn’t matter which one you choose, however there are many different types of coolants that serve different purposes. As a result, it can be difficult to know what the best antifreeze coolant product is, but we’ve created this extensive guide to may it easy to choose.





1. Engine Ice TYDS008 High Performance Coolant



2. Prestone AF888 Dex-Cool Antifreeze



3. ZEREX G-05 Concentrate Antifreeze/Coolant



4. Star Brite Star-Cool Premium Synthetic PG Engine Coolant



5. Maxima 82964 Coolanol 50/50 Blend Performance Coolant



5. Maxima 82964 Coolanol 50/50 Blend Performance Coolant Review


Opening up our top 5 list is the Maxima Coolanol green colored coolant which is a ready to use 50/50 blend which consists of a blend of premium quality ethylene glycol based antifreeze mixed with deionized water which provides high quality corrosion and rust protection qualities for all aluminum and magnesium engines in motorcycles and ATV’s.

This coolant also contains anti-foam components that reduces the water pump cavitation and increases the cooling capacity, whilst the blend also works to provide protection during freeze ups that occur in winter to as low as -34 degrees Fahrenheit. The coolant also initiates a maximum boiling system of up to 265 Degree Fahrenheit.

This is a low silicate fluid which makes it the best coolant for motorcycles on the market, but for car and truck use there are better performing coolants which are on this list. This is extremely affordable whilst it will also last a considerable amount of time whilst providing top class efficient service, so if you have a motorcycle this would be the recommended solution

4. Star Brite Star-Cool Premium Synthetic PG Engine Coolant Review


The Star brite Star-Cool Premium Synthetic PG Engine Coolant has been developed over a number of years to create a top quality solution, and it easily makes it into the top 5 products on the market. This antifreeze works to keep the vehicle internal components lubricated and running smoothly and contains a PCT additive which helps to keep the engine cooler for much longer periods of time. This reduces the operating temperature significantly faster than many competing brands.

This coolant meets or exceed all the OEM and relevant ASTM specs which gives you the peace of mind that you’re buying an approved high quality product. Over time tiny holes or cracks may begin to develop, however the coolant works to seal these holes.

This coolant is extremely long lasting whilst also being extremely affordable and also it is ideal to use all year round to protect your vehicles engine. The coolant has an operating temperature of 265 degrees and -26 degrees, plus it is compatible with other coolants and can be mixed meaning that you have the choice of either topping up or flushing and filling when you use it.

3. ZEREX G-05 Concentrate Antifreeze/Coolant Review


One of the top rated anitifreeze is the Zerez G-05 antifreeze which has been formulated for both gasoline and diesel engines which gives you the added flexibility and versatility to suit your needs. It has established itself as one of the best by having a Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT) formulation that uses a lower silicate, reduced PH, phosphate technology that protects the cooling systems metals from corrosion.

The nitrate containing coolant has been designed to protect the cylinder liners of diesel engines from cavitation. It contains also contains deposit control additives which protect your engine from hard water deposits and scale.

TO give you added peace of mind when you purchase, Zerex have included a promise protection of up to 5 years or 150,000 miles. The coolant also contains a high performance defoamer system that prevents damage to the hoses, plastics or the finish of your vehicle.

Zerez also has a helpline for any quesries and questions that you may have whilst you use the product. This coolant uses a niversal ethylene glycol-based formula which makes it compatible for cars, light trucks and four wheel drive vehicles, whilst the coolant can also be diluted down with water to your desired concentration.

2. Prestone AF888 Dex-Cool Antifreeze Review


The Prestone AF888 Dex-Cool Antifreeze is a full strength anti-freeze solution that has been formulated and recommended for use in all vehicles that require Dex-Cool coolant. It has been designed or use in light duty trucks that have aluminum radiators, which is used to extend the life of the coolant.

This is a blend of premium long lasting inhibitors that provide an extended performance using its patented formula that provides protection against extreme temperatures.

The antifreeze also comes with a guarantee of being good for 150,000 miles or 5 years. Overall this has established itself as a customer favorite, with a whole number of positive reviews and happy users.

The Prestone brand was established in 1927 and in this time, has built up a strong reputation for creating reliable top quality products. They were one of the first brands to bring coolants into the market that were designed for vehicles. This coolant has also been fortified with Cor-Guard inhibitors which help to protect against corrosion and rust.

1. Engine Ice TYDS008 High Performance Coolant Review


The Engine Ice Coolant is our pick as the best coolant for vehicles and is a high-performance solution that is biodegradable, phosphate free and non-toxic, whilst working to reduce the operating race temperature of your engine. Protection is over a range from 256 boil over degrees and -26 freeze protection.

The coolant has an average reduction in operating temperature of 10° Fahrenheit - 20° Fahrenheit, which makes it perfect for several different applications including auto, motorcycle, ATV, snow machines and racing. If you are a regular road racer then it's important to know that Engine Ice performance coolant is legal in CCS and ASRA road racing and is also permitted for use on many tracks throughout the world.

The coolant is formulated to maintain optimal operating temperature to ensure top performance. This means that power is not lost through excessive heat, and the coolant doesn’t damage aluminum and most other metals.

Another key benefit of this coolant is that it has been proven to remove water pump seal and gasket failures. It has also been proven that when it’s used in high load and stress conditions it reduces the operating temperature more effectively than standard coolants on the market.

Overall, this isn’t your standard coolant product and brings so more additional benefits.

Buying Guide

Types Antifreeze/Coolant

You may be wondering why there are so many antifreeze variations, but it’s because there needs to be different formulations for different countries. Traditionally, European countries have harder water and because antifreeze is 50% water the water quality affects the overall antifreeze mix.

Because of this, European manufacturers reduced the amount of phosphates in their antifreeze whereas Japanese manufacturers were reducing their use of silicates which tend to destroy the seals of water pumps.

In recent years, formulations have become increasingly advanced which can last as long as 10 years which translates to around 130,000 miles.

Inorganic Acid Technology

This is often abbreviated to IAT, and is the chemical form for the traditional green colored antifreeze which allows it to be easily identified. It is usually fortified with silicate or phosphate additives to make it compatible with metal cooling system components. It is extremely popular for US manufactured vehicles and has been for decades.

Its recommended that this antifreeze be flushed out of your engine system every 30,000 miles or two years.

Organic Acid Technology

Is commonly referred to as OAT and is a long life coolant which is widely used in Europe but is growing in popularity within the US. Compared to inorganic acid technology, OAT coolants contain no silicates or phosphates, so they are considerably more long lasting than IOT coolants.

Manufacturers have also added in additional ingredients that protect your engine from rust and corrosion. It usually lasts for a duration of 150,000 miles or five years and usually comes in an orange color.

Hybrid Organic Acid Technology

This type of coolant are available in a number of different colors and combines IAT and OAT coolants with nitrates, whilst it also contains silicates that work to reduce the level of corrosion and rust. Similar, to OAT, this type of coolant needs to be flushed every at regular intervals, either every 5 years or 150,000 miles.


The brand you decide to purchase will be linked to the overall quality of the product and how well it will function. The better brands that are more reputable will deliver a longer lasting consistent performance, whereas the less well known brands may be just as good quality but you will be taking a leap of faith hoping that it will perform.

Higher quality brands will also be compatible with a larger range of vehicles and engine types which means that you can spend less time worrying about whether it will work in your engine and more time focusing on things that matter.

A high quality brand will give you the peace of mind that it will not damage the inside of your engine, and throughout this guide we will highlight the top brands and their associated products.


For any type of product, you will have a budget and maximum price that you’re willing to pay. Luckily, antifreeze is affordable so you have little to worry about and in most cases you will be able to afford the best antifreeze for your vehicle. It is generally long lasting so you won’t need to keep replacing your bottle.

Level of dilution

Its important to take not of the water dilution level that’s needed for your chosen coolant. Some are supposed to be used directly out of the bottle, whereas others are supposed to diluted with water. Poor engine cooling is often caused by using a coolant mixture that’s either too strong or weak, which is a bad outcome.

Vehicle Type

Its hugely important that you ensure that you use the correct antifreeze that’s compatible with your vehicle. This will vary depending on the manufacturer and model of your vehicle and most will have a particular coolant that’s best suited.

The best way to identify which coolant is best for your vehicle is to refer to your vehicles manual and if this is unavailable you can search through their website where it will be listed. If both these suggestions fail, then you can ask your local mechanic or auto shop for advice.

Safety Precautions

Although this won’t directly affect your final buying decision, however coolants can be highly hazardous if ingested or comes into contact with your skin for long periods of time. Antifreeze poisoning is fatal to humans and can also lead to serious health issues and complications and shouldn’t be taken lightly and always must be handled with care can kept away the reach of pets and children.

Antifreeze should either be stored at a height or ideally locked away in a cupboard or cabinet so you don’t accidently spill it. If it does get ingested, then you will need to visit the nearest hospital or emergency health provider immediately.

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