The Top 5 Best Car Jack Stands

If you regularly do work on your car then a high quality set of jack stands is a necessary requirement. This will make you quicker and more efficient at carrying out repairs, saving you time allowing you to enjoy the real benefits of your vehicle.

Just like you would ensure that you have the correct clothing and protective gear, having a strong set of jack stands that can effectively hold the weight of your car, truck, SUV or van will be a great long term investment.

The best jack stands can hold up the weight of your vehicle without failing, but which ones are the best? We’ve created this in-depth guide that will show you the best jack stands on the market, and the reasons why.





1. Torin T46002A 6 Ton Double Locking Jack Stands



2. Hein-Werner 6-ton Blue/Yellow Jack Stands



3. Omega 6 Ton Magic Lift Black Jack Stand



4. Performance Tool 6 Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stand Set



5. Torin T43002 3 Ton Jack Stands



5. Torin T43002 3 Ton Jack Stands Review


It’s no surprise that Torin jack stands have made it onto the list of best car jack stands. They have the ability to manage to lift 3 tons of weight on each stand as they made from high grade steel which gives it added strength and durability.

The stands have a large base which increases the surface area so weight is distributed over a larger space decreasing the safety risk, so the load is better supported throughout its use. These stands work great with light duty trucks, medium sized cars and small to medium sized SUV’s. These are incredibly well priced and would be our budget choice if you are operating on a tight budget.

The jack stands have a minimum lift height of 11 5/8 inches and a maximum height of 16 3/4 inches and have a double locking feature for added stability and Any adjustments can easily be made with the quick-adjustment mechanism providing great functionality. The stands also meet all the required Meets ASME PALD safety standards for portable automotive service equipment.

4. Performance Tool 6 Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stand Set Review


Performance Tool are a reputable brand that were always going to feature on a list like this, due to their high-quality products and experience within the industry. These Performance Tool jack stands are durable and tough withstanding a load of up to 6 tons in weight, which is enough for even the most serious weekend mechanic.

The stands have a lift range of 15-1/2" to 23-1/2" giving you the flexibility whilst you work, and the stands are made from a heavy-duty steel frame and a wide base to give you the stability and strength whilst you work on your vehicle.

Because of the high weight capacity, they are not just limited to small cars but also trucks, SUV’s etc. When you hold these jack stands you can feel the quality which gives you the trust that these will be able to consistently support the weight of your vehicle.

If 6 tons is too much weight capacity than you need then this is not an issue, because Performance Tool have created a whole range of jack stands that range from a weight capacity of 2 tons all the way up to 6 tons.

3. Omega 6 Ton Magic Lift Black Jack Stand Review


Introducing the Omega jack stands which are great for supporting vehicles that are up to 6 tons in weight using its self-rising mechanism that is not only strong, but also extremely durable.

The jack stands use patented technology that automatically raises the ratchet bar to the load and is encased in a sturdy welded steel construction so you know that this wil last for many years whilst delivery consistent high quality performance.

It also has a counter-weighted pawl that locks the ratchet into position which provides security and stability keeping you safer. The jack stands also provide an impressive range of lift heights from 15-3/4” to 24-3/8.

This is a clear customer favorite which has been cemented by the inclusion of a 1 year limited warranty which is valid from the date of purchase, giving you an extra level of protections and satisfaction.

These jack stands are at a price point that still makes them affordable to all whether you’re a professional mechanic or a beginner DIY-er that is looking to save some money by doing your own car repairs.

2. Hein-Werner 6-ton Blue/Yellow Jack Stands Review


Hein-Warner have created a set of jack stands which are USA assembled so they meet all the highest safety specification which is hugely important if you plan on hoisting vehicles that are up to 6 tons in weight.

The jack stands have a sturdy steel frame to increase stability and durability, whilst its Multi Position Ratchet Bar provides strength and durability. It has a lifting range of 16-1/4 to 25-3/4 inches in height.

Its weight capacity means it is suitable for a range of vehicles from small cars to SUV’s and small trucks. The jack stands also feature a dual-purpose handle which functions as both a carry handle and a saddle column release.

There is also a folded metal footing which works to spread and distribute the weight more evenly, which not only adds stability whilst supporting the vehicle, but also helps to protect the grounds surface and structure.

Your purchase will also include a 2-year warranty which is extremely generous, however there it is highly unlikely you’ll have to enforce this because they are extremely well built. It does give you the added peace of mind that it’s a high-quality product that’s built to last.

1. Torin T46002A 6 Ton Double Locking Jack Stands Review


Torin are the clear leaders in the jack stand industry and their 6 ton jack stands are our number 1 rated best set of jack stands. This double locking set of jack stands can support up to 6 tons of weight as they are constructed from high grade steel which meets the required standard of durability and quality.

The stands have a patented double lock technology which has a safety pin design to bring an extra layer of security and safety that you need when working under a vehicle. The self-locking multi position ratchet bar made from forged iron allows you to make precise adjustments to get it to your desired height.

The stands can be adjusted from a range of 11 inches at the lowest to 16.5 inches at its highest point.

The stands cover a large surface area so it have more contact with the floor which brings more stability so it will be more effective at holding the weight of your vehicle. Considering the high quality of these stands they are incredibly affordable and undercut many of the main competitors on price.

Buying Guide


Jack stands come in a range of different prices, so there will be one that meets your budget. The price of the jack stands shouldn’t be the only thing you consider before purchasing because this is your safety that is at risk so you need to ensure that you buy a high-quality set. You get what you pay for, and this should be seen as a long-term investment that will last many years without needing to be replaced.


A high-quality set of jack stands will often be supplied with a manufacturer’s warranty, so in the event of a defect developing you will be entitled to a free repair or replacement. This also gives you the added peace of mind when you purchase that the company will be there to support you throughout your use of the product. Warranties can range anywhere from six months to lifetime depending on the manufacturer.

Vehicle Type

Jack stands come in a whole range of different shapes and sizes, so you need to be sure that the one you buy is compatible with the vehicle that you’ll be using it on. This is determined by both your vehicles weight and ground clearance. For example, a heavier rated vehicle will require a larger weight rated jack stand model.

Weight capacity

Once you have considered the type of vehicle that you have, you are now able to select a jack stand that has the weight capacity to support your vehicle. Jack stands are commonly weight rated in tonnes and you want to make sure that the jack stands you choose can handle a little over the weight of your vehicle.

Lift height

Lift height is important to check if you have any specific requirements about how high you need your vehicle to be supported. The best jack stands will also have a stopper that prevents you from raising the jacks stands higher than they are safely manufactured to go. This stops over extending from happening which can lead to accidents.

Wide base

The best jack stands have a wide base which increases the amount of stability that they have. This not only rises the level of safety but also stops the stands from becoming unstable or sinking into the ground.


The adjustability of your chosen jack stands it important and you need to ensure that it meets your specific needs. Whilst a fixed weight jack stand has less moving parts so may malfunction less, there is a limit to what you can do with them.

If you plan on using the jack stands on the same vehicle time and time again then maybe it could work for you. If you’re going to be using the jack stands on different vehicles, in different locations and functions then you’ll want to select an adjustable height jack stand.


Adjustable jack stands are available in two main varieties. The first is ratchet jack stands which uses a ratchet mechanism which works to lift the stand to your chosen height.

The second is the manual pin locking stands, which work by lifting to your required height and then using a pin to place through the hole in the shaft of the jack stands. This is the more common type of jack stand and more people prefer it because it seems more secure and less likely to fail than a ratchet mechanism.

What is a Jack Stand?

A jack stand is essentially an adjustable height stand that is usually constructed from aluminium or steel, and works to support the weight of your vehicle once it has been elevated into the correct position.

Jack stands not only help you carry out your work at a quicker rate, but are a key safety measure that you need to take if you’re going to be jacking up your car and working under it. Because you can’t solely rely on your hydraulic car jack to reliably support all the weight of your car.

Jack stands are affordable in comparison to their function of protecting your life, especially when hydraulic floor jacks can and will fail so you need this extra layer of protection.

Jack stand Safety

It’s important that you use you the best car jack stands in the correct way to ensure that safety is maintained especially because you will be using them to support the heavy weight of vehicles, with you underneath.

Always use Jack stands

You should never try and work under a vehicle only relying on a hydraulic jack because although they rarely fail there is still the chance and it only needs to fail once for you to get severely injured and hurt. The correct method is to use one stand for each corner of the car that you have elevated. For example, if you have 3 wheels of the ground, you need to have 3 stands to support the weight.

Jack stand positioning.

The positioning of your jack stands is hugely important for your safety and they need to be placed on the right parts of your vehicles chassis. These parts are built to take a greater load bearing, and if you are unsure of these points then you can refer to your car owner’s manual which will highlight these areas which are commonly known as jack points or lift points.

Use on a flat surface

The jack stands will perform best on a stable flat surface as this will reduce the chance of any slippage that may be caused by the movement of your vehicle whilst you work on it.

Ensure car is stationary

Its massively important to make sure that your vehicle Is parked, switched off with the hand brak activated to ensure that the car will not move whist you work on it because this can cause injury or worse.

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