Best Car Jumper Cables – Full Guide

We all know how frustrating and distressing it can be when your car won’t start because of flat battery. It’s even worse when you’re in harsh weather conditions or stranded on the side of the road.

Every driver should have a high-quality set of jumper cables to help them in situations like this as they will definitely be needed. Even if you have a top-quality battery, you can even use them to help someone else who has a flat battery.

Jumper cables allow you to kick start your flat battery by connecting it to a fully functioning battery and transferring enough energy to ignite charge within the flat battery to start your car.

We have created this in-depth guide to show you the best jumper cables for your car to help you through the buying process because there are dozens of manufacturers so it can difficult to know which one is the best.

6. OxGord 4 Gauge 500 Amp Extra Long 25-Feet Jumper Cables Review

oxgord-jumper cable

If your vehicle ever needs an instant boost of current, then the OxGord 4 Gauge jump starter cables are a great solution to give your flat battery the power it requires. The tangle free easy to use cables are coated in T-Prene which gives it added flexibility making it easy to storage, plus the free included travel bag further prevents tangling.

They have special clamps which use triple polarity identification using a color-coded system, whilst the clamps also have an ergonomic design that makes it simple to use on top post and side terminal batteries.

The jumper cables have extreme temperature resistance down as low as 40F. At 4 gauges, these are a durable set of cables, and are 25 feet in length which gives you the added versatility of not being forced to move the cars close to each other which isn’t always possible in emergency situations.

5. Cal Hawk Heavy Duty Jumper Cable Review


These 25 feet extra long jumper cables provide extra convenience when you find yourself with a flat battery in need of a quick solution to get you back on the road. The cables are tangle free so even at this large length it’ll be easy to get them in position, whilst they also feature heavy duty 2 gauge flexible clamps cable which deliver 600 amps of power to start even the flattest batteries.

The cables have been created to be functional in all climates both warm and cold even as low as -67F. The cables have insulated color coded handles and are extremely versatile and can be used to jump start dead batteries in snowmobiles, cars, trucks, boats ATV’s and much more.

The cables are coated in high quality rubber which gives it added durability and resistance so you can be sure that these will provide years of reliable service without failing or developing defects. This has been reflected in the overall view from hundreds of users who have positively rated this product.

4. Performance Tool 20 Ft 4-Gauge Jumper Cable Review


Here are another set of high quality jumper cables that deliver exceptional performance at an affordable price. Performance Tool 20 Ft 4-Gauge Jumper Cables are designed with heavier duty vehicles in mind such as SUV’s, vans and trucks. This is because they are gauge 4 and deliver 500 amps and 600 peak amps of current making it capable of powering heavier duty batteries.

The clamps are color coded so you can easily identify the correct terminals, whilst the cables are coated in a tangle free rubber so it is effortless to get them into position when you need them. The heavy-duty copper jaw clamps are not only effective but long lasting providing years of reliable service.

The cables are 20 foot in length meaning you can easily hook them up to both batteries without fear of the distance being too large Performance Tool have created a whole range of jumper cables, so if you require a higher or lower gauge or amp capability then there will be a solution for you.

3.Coleman Cable Heavy-Duty 4-Gauge Auto Battery Booster Cables Review


These Coleman heavy duty jumper cables are a worthy solution for all your car jump starting needs.

The jumper cables feature Polar-Glo clamps that glow in the dark so even at night it’ll be easy for you to identify the correct polarity that you need to attach the clamps to. This is a great feature for those times that you are stranded at the side of the road during the middle of the night.

This is feature is easy to use because it uses a triple polarity identification process which includes indent stamping, color coding and glow in the dark labels so you’ll have no problems identifying the correct polarities.

The clamps are designed to be easily gripped by people of all hand strengths and size and are compatible with both side terminal and top post batteries. For added safety the energized clamp surfaces are shielded which stops short circuits, whilst all conductive clamp surfaces are recessed which stops accidental contact.

The jumper cables are heavily insulated with Road Power's trademarked T-Prene coating which allows the cables to remain flexible in both warm and cold climates, even as low as -94 degrees. The 4-gauge rating also ensures that this is the strongest consumer grade available for purchase so they will remain dependable.

2. Energizer 1-Gauge 25 ft 800A Heavy Duty Jumper Battery Cables Review


Energizer are one of the world’s biggest brands and have established themselves as one of the clear leaders when it comes to batteries so it makes sense that they have released their own set of batter jumper cables onto the market.

These 1 gauge jumper cables are 25 feet in length which gives you lots of flexibility when you need it most. This allows you to boost a battery from behind a vehicle. The cables are also suitable for both side and to post batteries, whilst the cables are tangle free meaning when it’s time to use them you aren’t wasting time trying to untangle them.

These are heavy duty professional grade jumper cables which are trusted by mechanics so it makes them a great solution even for the everyday driver as you’ll be able to rely on them to provide consistent performance each and every time.

The cable has an overall capacity of 800 amps which is suitable for the majority of vehicles that are on the roads in all weather conditions.

1. Cartman 20 ft Booster Cable 4 Gauge Review


The Cartman 4 gauge jumper cables are our pick as the best jumper cables on the market. This is a tangle free solution which makes it incredibly easy to use and comes ina length of 20 feet allowing for a large distance between batteries which is essential especially in emergency situations.

At 4 gauges the cables are heavy duty and long lasting, whilst it also has a width of 10.8 inches which some of the material being made of copper coated aluminum.

The jumper cables fit top and side post batteries for added versatility, and are UL listed making them compatible with full size cars and cargo vans, mid-size pickup truck and freight hauling vehicles.

The jumper cables also feature a patented design of inside tongue for double connection with battery terminal. Also included is a well-designed carry bag so you can easily transport and protect the cables. In addition, it has a twice grip design that brings better conductivity and tension.

The reviews of this product speak for itself, with thousands of satisfied customers all over the country. These high-quality cables have the ability to jump start a dead battery within a minute.

Buying Guide

There are several features that you need to be aware of and consider, some will be hugely important to making the overall functionality and quality of the jumper cables higher.


Your overall budget will be a key consideration that you make when deciding on the best jumper cables for you. However, for jumper cables, they are generally very low cost and affordable so this shouldn’t be the deal breaker between choosing. Also the price you pay also regularly correlates to the overall quality of the jumper cables, and buy opting for a cheap pair they may not have the longevity which means you have to constantly replace them.


An added warranty will ensure that you will be protected if the jumper cables develop a defect and become faulty. If this happens the manufacturer will be there to either replace or repair your product. Warranties are usually included for free and give you the added peace of mind that you’re purchasing a high-quality product, so be sure to check before purchasing if one is included.

Cable length

The length of the cables is a key consideration because this will limit the distance that the two power sources can be from each other. 12-14 feet of length is the average which should be enough to reach the battery in both vehicles. This will also prevent a situation where the vehicle needs to be repositioned closer.

Wire gauge Thickness

The thickness of the wire gauge is important and the lower the number, the thicker the cable. It’s recommended to get a heavy-duty jumper cable because the flow needs to be strong enough to fully start the car. With cheaper jumper cables, there are no guarantees that they will be able to generate enough current to start the vehicle.

Ease of use

Whilst its often to buy products with lots of add on features that increase the functionality of the product, with a product like jumper cables it’s better to ensure that they can do the basics well. The jumper cables that you decide to buy need to be easy to use, because the majority of the times that you use them will be in an emergency when your battery is flat and you need to get it started as quickly as possible to get back on the roads. Tangle free cables also make it even easier operate.


A durable set of jumper cables is a great attribute because it means they will last longer so you get greater value for money. The best jumper cables have a long life and although they may cost slightly more, in the long run it’s a better investment. A durable set of jumper cables can withstand the day to day bumps that they will encounter.

Type of vehicle

The type of vehicle you have will determine the type of jumper cables that will be best suited to you. The same type of jumper cables that are used for a small car will not be effective with a heavy-duty truck. So, if you have a larger type of vehicle you will likely require heavier duty jumper cables.


Heavy duty cables will usually have heavy insulation to match. Heavy amounts of insulation help to reduce the heat that is generated through the cables during the jump start process. It’s easy to be confused into thinking that cheaper cables look like they have a heavy gauge because they can often be a thin gauge with heavy insulation.

Heavy duty clamps

You should strive to choose a set of cables that have heavy duty clamps which allow you to connect to a battery on both the top terminals or side terminals securely. Heavy duty clamps provide the added advantage of being larger in size which helps to keep your hands further away from any sparks that may be generated making the area safer.

Closing remarks

It’s never an enjoyable experience when you suffer from a flat battery, especially when you are stranded at the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. So, don’t compound the issue by not having a set of he best car jumper cables that will save you a huge amount of time allowing you to get your car started quickly. Considering the affordable price, it’s well worth the investment.

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