Best Car Wax For Your Vehicle

Giving your car a fresh wax will give it the shine that all car owners aim for. Great shiny finishes are not produced just by washing your car so you need to make waxing a key part of your detailing regime, to ensure that you keep your car looking like you just drove it off the showroom floor.

Because you can’t make your car look pristine just from cleaning, car wax not only gives it a great look but also gives it added protection for your paintwork. This protects it from UV rays which can be harmful and also protect it from dirt, grime and bugs that you will naturally encounter when you drive your car.

In recent years there has been a surge of car wax manufacturers that all claim to make the best car wax, some of these claims are facts and some don’t quite live up to expectations. To make this buying process easier we have created this easy to follow guide which will break down which car wax is best for you and the factors to consider before you make your final purchasing decision.





1. P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax



2. Meguiar's Ultimate Liquid Wax



3. Mothers California Gold Pure Brazilian Carnauba Liquid Wax



4. Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax



5. Turtle Wax T-415 Premium Grade Rubbing Compound



5. Turtle Wax T-415 Premium Grade Rubbing Compound Review


The Turtle Wax rubbing compound is a premium solution at an affordable price. This removes scratches, surface blemishes and heavy swirl marks with easy whilst not damaging the exterior of your car.

The wax uses a silicone free formula which makes it safe for use even in professional settings including paint and body shops. The wax gives you application versatility allowing you to use by hand or using an electrical buffer. In addition, it can also be used for restoring gloss and is safe to be applied with either cotton, microfiber or foam pads

Despite coming in a 18 ounce bottle it is still incredibly affordable, especially compared to competitors and definitely makes it onto the list of the best car wax. At this price there is no excuse to not take great car of your car by giving it a high wuality waxing.

4. Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax Review


Chemical guys may not have only been around for a few years but it has established itself in the market by creating a great range of car care products, and this is no different with this 100% Carnauba-based wax formula which is a brand new formulation as they push the boundaries of innovation. This new formulation makes it even easier to apply to your car meaning that you spend even less time having to use the wax.

This wax is great for both professionals and beginner car enthusiasts and has been given the butter wet wax name because the wax melts into the paintwork like butter leaving it looking sparkling.

The wax gives your vehicle a smooth protective layer that repels and blocks water spots, road tar and bird droppings. It also protects your vehicle against harmful UV rays that hit the car when you’re driving.

3. Mothers California Gold Pure Brazilian Carnauba Liquid Wax Review


The Mothers Carnauba Brazilian wax will give your car the finishing touch it deserves, whilst delivering a deep and lasting protection to your paint work and car body. The Carnauba wax is non abrasive and is safe to use on your vehicle whilst also being heat resistant. The more you use the wax the longer lasting benefits that it will provide to your vehicle.

The waxing process follows 3 simple steps. The first two steps focus on cleaning and smoothing the surface of your existing paintwork and then the final steps involves enhancing and preserving the finish of the car by giving it a deep waxing.

The wax comes in a 16 ounce bottle, so there is enough for a generous number of servings, but also offers a bulk discount giving you a cheaper price per bottle if you prefer to buy in larger numbers.

2. Meguiar's Ultimate Liquid Wax Review


Meguiar is one of the leaders in the car care market and has been around for many years, so it’s no surprise to see them on this list. This wax formula provides maximum synthetic protection depth of color, durability and reflectivity in simple bottled solution. It uses ThinFilm technology to provide effortless application so it can be easily wiped off even when its directly under sunlight.

It also contains Hydrophobic polymer technology that increases the surface tension which allows the water beads to roll straight off the paint. It is suitable for all types of glossy and clear coats, whilst it can be applied by either using your hands, a dual action polisher or an orbital.

When you buy this wax, you don’t just receive the wax, but you’ll also get a foam applicator and a Meguiar’s Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel included in the price.

1. P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax Review


The P21S Carnauba wax tops our list as the best car wax that’s available on the market. The two main premium ingredients are yellow Carnauba and Beeswax which is recommended by car care experts. They are combined and blended together to create a pure car wax which works as a gloss enhancer when it’s applied to your vehicle.

Once it has been applied you will instantly see the enhancing and protecting qualities of the product and understand why it has been trusted by thousands of vehicle owners all around the world.

A common complaint of car wax is that it can leave white residue, however this clear wax will not leave any residue on your vehicle, whilst also not containing any abrasive ingredient so will also protect your car giving it an extra layer of protection and depth.The wax is also easy to apply and doesn’t need a lot of pressure.

Buying Guide

Types of waxing


One of main factors that will affect your buying decision is considering the main purpose of your vehicle. For example, if your car is under constant stress and in harsh conditions such as off rood then you’ll need to invest in a heavier duty car wax.

This heavier duty wax gives the car more protection and a better shine, whereas if you are a lighter user of your car then a budget wax solution would be more suitable as you won’t need to protect it from such harsh elements. By working out the exact usage of you car you can make a more informed decision.

Also, an older vehicle will need more time to wax if it’s had years of build-up accumulated over time. It will need this added time if you’re going to give it the premium clean that it deserves.


The brand of best car wax is an important factor, because if you choose a more reputable brand, then you’re more likely to see the results that you desire. Brands that have hundreds of positive user reviews and have establish themselves in the market for many years are more likely to be higher quality.

It’s often better to spend a little more to get a top brand compared to trying to save money by going with an inferior quality product as you will suffer in the long run.


Although your budget is a key consideration, this shouldn’t mean that you choose the cheapest car wax that’s available on the market. You need to consider the other factors and quality of the product in combination with the product.

If you’re on a restricted budget then of course you’ll need to pick the cheapest option, but you get what you pay for and a slightly more expensive option will last longer and provide better results.


The top brands will often include guarantees with their products, this essentially means that if you’re not 100% happy with the product or its results that they will offer you a refund with no questions asked. With the top brands, you’re most likely going to be happy with the results, but an added guarantee gives you the peace of mind.

Ancillary products

If you’re in the market for both the best car wax and polish, then it’s ideal if you pick two products that work well together. This will ensure that your vehicles paint will get the best result and leave your car looking sparkling. Ideally you would get car wax and polish from the same brand but this isn’t 100% necessary.


The weather that you wax in can affect the results that you experience because the UV rays from the sun are harmful to your paintwork whilst also causing the fading process to quicken. If you live in a sunnier environment, then you will need to ensure that you apply wax to your vehicle regularly.

Type of car wax

There are two main ways to wax your car and we will go through the pros and cons of both methods.

Hand Waxing

Hand waxing is the process of waxing using either just your hand or an application pad to spread the product over your vehicle. A large number of people actually prefer hand buffing to electric buffing because especially for older vintage cars an electric solution can actually cause damage by being too powerful and stripping away paint if it’s been a few years since its last respray.

Hand waxing also allows the person to apply the exact amount of pressure that they need depending on the part of the car, which is especially important for pressure sensitive parts of the car. Hand buffing gives you an added amount of control compared to electrical buffing although the main downside is that it can take considerably longer to complete and can also be tiring for the user as you need to use your own strength to complete the job.

Electrical Buffing

There are many supporters of electrical buffing which uses a tool that distributes the wax evenly over your vehicle. The electrical buffing tool has buffing pads which smoothly run over your vehicle without causing damage. The main benefits of electrical buffing is that it takes significantly less time to complete the job and it provides more leverage and buffing power compared to hand buffing.

Electrical buffers are more effective at removing deeper scuffs that would take much more effort to remove if you were to do it by hand. The electrical buffer also gives you the personalisation of being able to use a number of different sized buffing pads that allow you to customize to your needs. The main downside is that if you have an older car it can wear the paint down if you are too aggressive.

Types of Car Wax

Natural Wax

This type of wax is a naturally sourced wax which is derived from palm tree leaves which are grown in Brazil which the main ingredient being Carnauba. This is suited to vehicles that are darker in color because the car wax penetrates the car paint to produce a deep shine, and whilst being the pricier option it gives a superior finish to synthetic waxes.

The purer the Carnauba the more expensive it will be, and once you apply it to your car you will need to re-wax your car every 1-2 months or as often as you think is necessary.

Synthetic Wax

Unlike natural wax, synthetic wax is made from chemicals instead of plant based ingredients and has established itself as the most common wax on the market because it is usually cheaper in cost. The best car wax can be bought in spray or liquid form and is extremely easy to use. Also, they last slightly longer when applied compared to natural wax and they buff slightly quicker.

Car Wax Form

Car wax comes in several different forms, and this will determine how you apply it to your car. They main forms are

- Rubbing Wax

- Liquid

- Spray

The most common type of car wax is the rubbing compound wax which also provides the strongest levels of durability and protection. Rubbing compound also is great if you have deeper scuffs and marks as they contain abrasive materials which can quickly and easily remove them.

The car wax spray is often the easiest to use solution but tends to not last as long as other options, whilst liquid wax is also very easy to apply.

Color of your vehicle

Although colored wax is not a 100% required, there are colored waxes that can be used to correct small scratches which can be fixed very quickly. Clear waxes are still the best option and will give it a great gleaming finish.

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