The Best Floor Jacks Available Today!

Floor jacks are designed to make working on your car even easier that without, however the higher the quality the more it will aide you. Even if you’re the most advanced mechanic, this will be of no use if you don’t have the right tools to hand, and you need to ensure that you have the best floor jack and we’ve made this easy to follow guide to make the buying process easy.





1.Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack



2. Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack



3. Arcan XL20 Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack



4. Torin SUV Service Jack



5. Blackhawk B6350 Black/Red Fast Lift Service Jack



5. Blackhawk B6350 Black/Red Fast Lift Service Jack - 3.5 Ton Capacity Review


The Blackhawk B6350 Service Jack 3.5 ton capacity service jack that is at the forefront of the latest technology to effortlessly lift your vehicle. It uses a swivel saddle that provides you with an easy jack positioning and increased safety. It’s constructed from heavy duty steel which not only makes it easy to transport but also gives it long lasting durability that you need from a product of this type.

This jack also has a bypass device that prevents the jack from over pumping and also has an internal safety valve and vent plug to ensure that the jack operates safely. The jack also has rolled side frames which adds extra strength and rigidity to reduce the amount of twisting. Too much twisting can weaken the strength of the jack and cause failure.

Its takes between 20 – 25 strokes for the handle to fully pump and reach the maximum height of 22 inches. It is slightly heavier than the competing products on this list, however it is still a great option if you are looking for an affordable yet high quality floor jack made by a reputable manufacturer.

4. Torin SUV Service Jack Review


If you own a truck or SUV and you need a floor jack for regular use, then the Torin T83006 is a great solution to your needs. This floor jack is made of high grade steel which is built to exception quality and durability standards that you can trust. This 3-ton capacity floor jack has an extra-long neck that allows you to lift large vehicles without having to exert more effort.

This longer neck provides you with a lift height of between of between 6 and 21 inches which gives enough of a clearance height for even large model SUV’s. The long neck is adjustable so if you need to carry out work on a smaller car then you can easily remove it.

The large saddle surface area provides a better contact with the load that is supported meaning that performance is of a higher quality. The handle has a positive locking safety release mechanism which adds an extra safety precaution.

The floor jack also has an integrated overload protection feature which prevent the jack from lifting items that exceed the maximum capacity, whilst it also meets the ASME PALD standards. This jack is our choice of the best budget low priced floor jack.

3. Arcan XL20 Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack - 2 Ton Capacity Review


If you have a lower profile vehicle, then this Arcan XL20 Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack is the solution to your needs. It has the compact design to fit under low profile sports cars and vehicles, yet has the versatility and operation of a full size powerful jack.

The floor jack has a dual pump action for rapid lifting as well as a universal joint release mechanism which provides precise control of your vehicle to allow you to get it into the exact position that you require.

There is also a safety valve that helps to prevent overloading and also complies with the ASME PALD 2009 safety standards, so you can use this jack with full confidence that you will be working in safe conditions.

Arcan have catered for even the lowest profile cars, and this jack comes in two options: the low profile and the extra low profile variation. This is what makes this the best low profile floor jack available to buy today. The floor jack has a maximum lift capacity of 2 tons which makes it suitable for the majority of low profile vehicles which are usually sports or small sized cars.

2. Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack Review


The Arcan quick rise floor jack has a 3 ton lift capacity and a 3 ¾ inch minimum lift height which means you can even lift vehicles that have a low profile. This is despite weighing just 56 pounds meaning you can easily transport it from place to place.

The rear swivel caster wheels are ball bearing mounted and have wide track front wheels which make it easy to maneuver into position and jack into position stably even when under a load. There is a saddle pad which protects the vehicles frame and components.

The fast-acting pump pistons are activated for a fast rising action and has shields which protect it from hydraulic contamination. Whilst the reinforced life arm adds additional strength, durability and chassis torsion control.

The handle itself is in 2 pieces which makes it easy to dismantle and store away when not in use. You will also receive a 1 year limited warranty which entitles you to a repair or replacement if a fault develops with the product, however with a product of this quality this is very unlikely. This floor jack also complies with 2009 ASME PALD safety Standards.

1. Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack Review


The Powerzone Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack is a 3 ton maximum capacity floor jack that’s constructed from lightweight aluminum making it easy to transport. The lifting arm is made from heavy duty steel which also gives it strength and durability it needs to last many years whilst delivering consistent service.

The lift range of 4 inches to 18 inches gives it huge versatility for a range of vehicles that come in different floor heights.

The floor lift operates using a quick lifting hydraulic system that helps you save time by quickly lifting your vehicle into place. Whilst it also has an in built safety valve which prevents overloading beyond the recommended capacity.

The floor jack also has a rubber padded saddle which is covered in foam which works to protect the vehicles frame, plus its rear wheels swivel for easy movement and positioning even on rough surfaces.

Overall, this is the best car floor jack on the market because it combines high quality performance with lightweight build. This will last your years without faltering and when you have a product you can trust it allows you to concentrate on the job that you need to do.

Buying Guide


Any product that is designed to be long lasting and reliable will often be supplied with a warranty. A warranty will entitle you to a replacement or repair if it develops a fault over a certain period of time after purchase. Warranties tend to last anywhere from six months to a lifetime, and are usually supplied by reputable manufacturers which also gives you the added peace of mind that you’re buying a top quality product.


The brand of your floor jack will often have a huge bearing on the overall quality of the product. By selecting a well renowned brand that has been around for many years, you can ensure that you will be buying a product that is built to last and will not need to be constantly fixed or replaced. A high quality brand will have hundreds, if not thousands, of positive reviews from actual users who rate the products highly.

Minimum clearance height

This is an important consideration if you have a car with a lower profile. The minimum clearance height is the minimum height that your vehicle must sit of the ground to be able to operate the floor jack. There are now specialized low profile floor jacks that need as little as 3 inches of clearance. You need to make sure that your desired floor jack actually fits under your vehicle.

Maximum Lifting height

This relates to the maximum height that the lifting arm of the floor jack will raise your vehicle above the ground. High quality jacks will have a maximum height of around 20 inches, whereas poorer quality jacks will be significantly below this. Although an inch doesn’t sound like much, it can make a huge difference when using a floor jack.

Lift speed

Lift speed is the number of pumps that it takes for the floor jack to reach maximum height. The average floor jack takes between 8 to 10 strokes, and the better floor jacks will take less strokes and use dual lifting pistons which allow for this quick activation.


Floor jacks need to be tough and durable, so the best materials for this are steel or aluminium which is important if you plan on storing and using it in your garage or outdoors. Aluminium is often lighter than steel which makes it a better material if you need to move it around frequently.


Of course, everyone has different budget limits but if you want to buy the best floor jack then you will need to spend around $200 to ensure that you get one of the highest quality that is also reliable. We know that it can be tempting to buy a cheaper $50 model but saving a few dollars is not worth doing with a product that has the potential to save your life.

You get what you pay for and getting a slightly more expensive model will last significantly longer and should be viewed as a long-term investment as a floor jack isn’t the type of product that you should be replacing year after year.

Ease of use

Whether you’re an experienced mechanic or a beginner fixing your car for the first time, then you’ll want the best car floor jack which is easy to operate. This means you can quickly use it when you need it without fiddling around with it getting frustrated. The best car floor jack is not only easy to operate, but will have a detailed user manual with manufacturer support either by phone or email.

Max lift capacity

Floor jack capacity are usually measured in tons and most commonly come in 2-ton and 3-ton weight capacities. You’ll need to ensure that the maximum weight capacity of your desired floor jack exceeds the weight of the vehicle or object that you’ll be lifting.

Whilst you’ll never actually be lifting the while vehicle, selecting a floor jack will give you extra room for safety, so less is less chance of accidents happening.

Vehicle Type

The type of vehicle that you plan to use the floor jack on will have a huge bearing on your final buying decision:

Car – you should consider purchasing a 2 or 3 ton floor jack which is suitable for the majority or normal sized cars. Slightly larger cars will require a 3 ton car. Its better to overestimate the weight of your car than underestimate.

Motorcycle – we would recommend that you purchase a more specialized hydraulic motorcycle jack stand which is better suited to lifting motorcycles and distributing the weight more efficiently. A standard floor jack will not support the weight of the motorcycle well.

SUV/truck – A 2 ton floor jack will be adequate for most small pickup trucks, and for slightly larger trucks and SUV’s a 3 ton floor jack will be better suited. For even larger trucks, then you should consider getting an even heavier duty floor jack.

Hydraulic Floor Jack

This is the most common type of floor jack. This works by using an in built chamber which is then filled with oil or hydraulic juice which lubricates the chamber. This then powers the lifting mechanism which pumps a long handle. The weight that you apply to the handle, is multiplied in a greater force that is applied to the hydraulic system. This results in the piston raising the lifting arm which raises your vehicle into position.

Scissor Jack

A scissor jack is often the emergency option that most vehicles have n the trunk of the car. This allows you to lift one side of your car so you can change the tire, and they are normally small and compact in size.

These are usually the cheaper version and you can power them by hand, but they do need some effort to get your vehicles wheel off the ground.

Bottle jack/ Piston Jack

The bottle jack piston is best suited for heavier sized vehicles because they have such a large weight capacity, and it’s not uncommon for them to have a max capacity of 50 tons. Because they cover a small surface area, it often makes it more stable on the ground however they do have a high minimum clearance height which means that they will not fit under lower profile vehicles such as sports cars.

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