The 5 Best Oil Filters

Maintaining clean oil is extremely important because if you were to leave it unfiltered over a extended period of time your oil will begin to be contaminated with small hard particles that will wear down your engine. The dirty oil is then cycled around your engine wearing down the oil pumps components.

An oil filter is a small device that is inserted into your engine and it ensures that your engine runs smoothly by removing these impurities from your oil. Even those these impurities are extremely small in size, even the smallest speck can get lodged in part of your engine and stop the piston from working which can have huge consequences for your engine.

A small issue such as this can cost you hundreds of dollars to repair, and the oil filter basically removes these impurities before they become a real issue to the major parts of your engine.

Installing an oil filter once is not enough, because over time the filter attracts all the dirt and dust and as it becomes more clogged it stops working as effectively as it did when it was new. Once the filter becomes too clogged the dirty oil will continue to circulate arpund your vehicles engine. It is very important to change your filter regularly and if you are unsure of the time period then it will be written in your vehicles manual because this will vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

An easy way to tell if your oil filter needs changing is when you drain your oil from your car to replace it, if its clearly dirty then it’s a sign that you need to replace your filter. Also if you let the drained oil collect into a transparent dish or container, once its cooled you’ll be able to see if any sediment has settled at the bottom. If theres a large build up, then it’s a clear indicator that your filter needs replacing.

The market is not short of oil filter manufacturers which can make it difficult to know what the best oil filter is, but we’ve put together this guide to show you how to make the best buying decision.





1. Mobil 1 M1-110 Extended Performance Oil Filter



2. Royal Purple Extended Life Oil Filter



3. Bosch 3330 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter



4. ACDelco PF2232 Professional Engine Oil Filter



5. K&N HP-1003 Performance Wrench-Off Oil Filter



5. K&N HP-1003 Performance Wrench-Off Oil Filter Review


The K&N Premium Wrench-Off Oil Filters are designed especially for high durability and high flow rates even in extreme conditions. Each filter is supplied with a hex nut welded to the top of the canister which means it can be easily wrenched off with a standard issue tool. The resin filter media traps 99% of harmful particles that try to pass into the oil. This replacement filter is suitable for most cars, SUV’s, trucks, ATV’s and motorcycles

The filter has a heavy-duty construction to give it safety and strength and the filter walls are extremely durable which lowers the risk of debris damaging the housing. This means that it is designed to handle the higher oil pressure without bursting.

The specially designed filter media means that the filter can maintain superior filtration even when heavier grade oils and increased GPM flow rates that are often seen in extreme conditions. The filters are great for use with both synthetic and long life motor oils.

An anti-drain back valve also keeps the oil in the engine and stops dry starts and rolled thread which ensures that stripping doesn’t occur which results in a smoother installation.

4. ACDelco PF2232 Professional Engine Oil Filter Review


This ACDelco oil filter has been equipped with 98% multi pass filtering efficiency for particles that are 25-30 microns in size. It has a cellulose media that can trap particles and contaminants that are 1/3 width of human hair to ensure that your engine is only supplied with clean oil. The oil filter also has thermosetting adhesive seal to help hold the filtering media firmly in place to provide consistent and dependable filtration.

The oil filter also has a superior filter capacity, enhanced efficiency and consistent flow management whilst also being extremely durable to give the optimal filtration experience and performance. The filter can also withstand a range of extreme temperatures and has a burst strength five times greater than most engine oil operating pressures. This provides greater durability.

This oil filter is very affordable which gives you no excuse not to replace it regularly to ensure that your oil is always filtered to the highest levels. It will also help to contribute to better fuel economy and reduce the overall operating costs of your vehicle. ACDelco are an extremely reputable company so you can trust their products to the highest level.

3. Bosch 3330 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter Review


This Bosch oil filter uses exclusive FILTECH media technology which works to screen out and remove harmful contaminants providing you with greater engine protection. The strong steel base plates and housing prevent leaks, poor fit and warpage which can often happen with inferior oil filters. Its silicone anti-drain back valve ensures that a supply of clean oil is provided when the car is first started.

In addition its gasket design ensure that it is thoroughly lubricated and provides a tight seal yet is also easy to remove whenever you need to. This is finished off with a double locked rolled seam which forms a highly effective leak free canister.

This oil filter helps to keep your oil cleaner for longer and has the capacity to hold upto 14 grams of dirt and debris in its filter media. It comes with properly fitting metal free cartridge filters that are designed especially for your vehicle.

This oil filter uses an exclusive blend of synthetic and natural materials to provide a superior level of oil filtration which increases the protection against engine wear. This filtering area is 42% bigger than conventional filters and the filter media itself is 30% thicker meaning it can screen out more contaminants.

2. Royal Purple Extended Life Oil Filter Review


The Royal Purple oil filer is a super premium solution that has been designed and engineered to provide maximum engine protection with superior particle removal even in the toughest conditions. The 100% synthetic micro glass media that is used to construct the filter has a 99% filtration rate for particles as small as 25 microns in size.

Every Royal Purple oil filter has a thicker shell material which provides extra strength and security against any punctures from debris material that may be on the road. The filters are then sealed off with metal end caps and the center tube has been designed to prevent the filter element from collapsing.

The 100% screen backed synthetic media supplies superior filtration whilst simultaneously keeping flow restriction low. The bypass valve has been constructed to ensure that oil flow is maintained during situations of excessive filter element flow restriction.

Each filter has increased burst strength due to a heavy gauge steel back plate, and has a gasket made up of premium nitrile rubber which helps to lower the level of torque. Lastly, the anti-drain back valve is made from silicone material and easily out performs conventional nitrile rubber in both hot and cold conditions.

1. Mobil 1 M1-110 Extended Performance Oil Filter Review


It’s no coincidence that the top oil brands also have the best oil filters and Mobil is no different. Their extended performance oil filter provides a long life performance which is essential for today’s longer drain intervals. It quickly and effectively removes contaminants and has been proven to record a 99.6% multi pass efficiency rating and includes an advanced synthetic fiber blend media.

It also comfortably outperforms competitor oil filters and holds double the contaminants compared to the competition. In total, it has a 28 gram capacity. It can also withstand nine times more than the normal system operating pressure, and provides an exceptional level of protection of up to 615 pascals per square inch.

This oil filter prevents dry starts by elimination internal leakage during shutdown, and it does this through inclusion of a silicone anti drain back valve.

This has fast become a customer favorite and is an easy choice of the best oil filter, whilst it is extremely well priced and affordable and will be within most people’s budget.

Buying Guide

Types of Oil Filter Media

Not all oil filters are made equal, and they use different membranes or media to remove any impurities and contaminants in motor oil.

Cellulose Filter Media

Spin on or disposable oil filters often use cellulose filter media and are capable of collecting and removing contaminants that are between 8 and 10 microns in size. To maintain its strong performance you should aim to replace the filter every 3000 miles.

Synthetic Filter Media

This is a higher quality media and works to eliminate particles and debris that range from 20 to 40 microns in size and needs to be replaced every 6000 miles.

Microglass filter media

These are the higher end types of media that are used in oil filters and the microglass is a fine metal mesh constructed of fibers that are several times finer compared to cellulose. This means it is more effective at filtering particles and need replacing far less frequently with a recommendation of either every 5 years or 10,000 miles.

Parts of an Oil Filter

The operation of an oil filter seems very simple, but there are several key components that are essential to your engines operation. These are the key oil filter parts and how they work together to function.


A good rule of thumb is that the more you spend on your filter, the better and longer it will perform. Cheaper oil filters will often contain light gauge metal, poort quality gaskets and loose filter material which can lead to early filter failure. Other filters may also filter out dirt particles more effectively or have a longer service life. We’ve saved you the hassle by shortlisting the best oil filters for your vehicle.

Anti-drain back valve: this is a flap like valve that stops oil from returning back into the oil filter from the engine when your vehicle is running.

Tapping gasket/plate: In this part, the oil enters and exits the oil filter and is made up of a center hole which is surrounded by several holes that are smaller in size. Oil enters through the small holes on the outer perimeter of the tapping plate which is often referred to as a gasket and exits though the center hole which is attached to part of your engine.

Filter Medium – This is filter itself and is made up of synthetic fibers and microscopic cellulose fibers that work as a sieve to catch contaminants before the oil can reach the engine. A higher level of efficiency is maintained because the medium is folded.

Center steel tube – once oil has been filtered of any contaminants or debris that is present, it then passes back through a center steel tube into the engine.

Relief Valve – when your engine is cold, for example when you first start up, it still needs oil. At lower temperatures, the oil will often be too thick to pass through the filter medium material. This relief valve allows for small amounts of unfiltered oil to pass into the engine so the minimum lubrication levels can be met until the rest of the oil has been heated enough to pass freely through the oil filter normally.

End Discs – on both sides of the filter medium is an end disc which is often made of metal or fiber. These discs work to stop unfiltered oil from reaching into the center steel tube and entering the main part of the engine. Retainers are made from thin pieces of metal, and these work to to hold these discs securely in place against the tapping plate.

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