The Best Optima Batteries Reviewed!

Optima are one of the leading car battery brands in the world and are not leading the way by mistake due to their superior build quality and long lasting product. Because of the consistency thorough all their batteries it can make the decision of choosing the best Optima battery difficult, however this decision should be made based on your individual requirements and of course the type of car you plan to put the battery into.







Trucks, heavy duty vehicles with high electrical component demands 


Cars, Trucks, SUV's


Boats, RV's

Why are Optima Batteries better?

Optima have separate themselves from other brands because the components within the battery are constructed from 99.9% pure lead which enables the battery to conduct electricity significantly more efficiently. The faster a battery can conduct electricity, the better the battery is at both recharging itself and retaining the optimal level of voltage.

The newer models of Optima car batteries also utilise spiral-cell technology which is a patented system that not only allows for the battery to be vibration resistant but also means that it can be put under harsh conditions without failing. These factors make it extremely durable and long lasting so if you’re ever in harsh environments such as snow or extreme heat, then you will have less issues when you try to power up the battery and start the engine.

The overall lifespan of an Optima battery is extremely superior to the majority of competitor brands and lasts twice as long as the average AGM battery. This means that over the course of the life of your driving life, if you stick to Optima batteries you will spend significantly less money for a superior product without having the worry of your battery failing on you.

Yellow Top Optima Battery Review


The Optima Yellow Top AGM battery is a truly dual purpose car automotive battery designed to fulfil your needs for a high quality solution. This battery will provide the ultimate power source for your vehicle with its superior cranking capacity power means it can power even the most accessory loaded vehicles.

Whether your vehicle has high demand auto and electronic systems or commercial vehicles that operate heavy equipment or machinery then this battery will suit your needs. The Yellowtop comes into its own when you use it when electrical loads are larger than usual when there are several electrical demands such as power sliding doors, DVD players or winching equipment.

The battery is also spill proof which means that no liquid will overspill even if the battery comes under extreme vibrations due to a lot of movement. Because of this, the battery can be mounted into many different positions. It provides more than 15 times the vibration resistance in comparison to many competing brands.

Not only is the battery extremely long lasting, but it is also extremely fast when it comes to recharging and provides 300+ discharge/recycle cycles. The batteries high cranking power combined with its optimal reserve power means that it is a powerful battery that packs a real punch, and you will also be covered by a 36 month warranty which will protect you from any potential defects.

Key Vehicle Uses:

- Trucks that have winches

- Commercial vehicles with heavy loads/equipment.

- Vehicles with built in high demand electrical components/systems


  • Spiral cell technology
  • Spill proof and mountable in almost any position
  • 3 x longer life
  • High cranking ability so suitale during colder conditions
  • Maintenance free
  • Fast recharging supplying 300 recharge/discharge cycles


  • Slightly more expensive than competitor brands, but well worth the investment

Optima Red Top Starter Car Battery Review


The Optima starter Red top battery is great for the normal sized engine and provides your auto with the instant energy and power delivered exactly when you need it. This means it is suitable for the majority of stock everyday vehicles where starting the car is the main function of the battery.

We would escribe this battery as the ultimate starting battery and when installed it delivers a powerful supply of ignition power each and every time providing reliable service. Whether its used within truck or car the redtop Optima battery has been proven to outperform traditional batteries especially when starting. Not only does it outperform other models, but it is also resistant to many common types of battery failure.

Because of its application uses, it is slightly less powerful than the Yellow top battery but it is still maintenance free whilst having a strong life that is 2x longer than competitor batteries, whilst also having an extremely quick recharging cycle. The battery is suitable for the majority of cars, motorcycles and trucks.

This battery is great if you’re not only looking for a powerful battery, but also if you need a maintenance free, easy to install battery that is user friendly.

Due to its anti spill features, it can be mounted in a array of different positions as it is 15 times more resistant to vibrations. There is also a 36 month warranty included with all Optima Red top battery purchases to give you the added peace of mind that if any defects occur that the manufacturer will be there to assist.

The battery is completely sealed off with prevents any water from entering into the battery whilst it can also can withstand large levels of chare. In addition, the battery can also withstand extreme temperatures both hot and cold without failing so you can always rely on it to deliver.

The battery itself is extremely versatile when it comes to the types of car it can be fitted into and is suitbale for a range of different types, makes and models.

Key Uses:





  • Fast recharging
  • 100 minute reserve power
  • Extremely resistant
  • Spiral cell technology
  • Powerful starting ignition
  • Warranty


  • Slightly more expensive than alternative, however provides an exceptional level of quality

Optima Blue Top Battery Review


The Bluetop Optima battery is perfect for marine applications especially when the prime function of the battery is to start the engine.

This battery provides a unique dual power solution which allows it to be used for both deep cycling and engine starting by having an extremely high cranking power meaning it can be used for a who range of uses including trolling motors, RV’s,motor sports, motor boats or marine applications that have a heavy load of electrical accessories.

The Optima Bluetop AGM battery, once installed into your boat or RV, will provide huge running rimes and significantly more charges than you’d expect from competitor traditional battery solutions.

It’s extremely ideal if you operate a marine vehicles. In addition the battery has extremely efficient power delivery and much quicker recharge time, which you will give you peace of mind and leave you worrying less about your battery.

This battery can hold up to 3 times more recharges than competitor marine batteries meaning it has the longevity and will require less frequent replacing. Whilst is also has more than 15 times the vibration resistance, plus also being spill proof and mountable into almost any position.

For all the users that are trying to save even more time, the battery is also maintenance free. This battery really is top of the market when it comes to trolling motors, RVs, and extensive electronic systems. The battery is also completely sealed off to prevent water from entering and causing corrosion which occurs with many other brands.

Key Uses:

-Boats with trolling motors

- Extensive electronic systems



  • Strong reserve capacity
  • Warranty
  • Maintenance free
  • Strong cranking ability

Buying Guide

Buying a car battery often isn’t the most exciting task that you’ll have to do, but it remains a very important decision as it will affect the overall performance of your car. There are several important factors that you must consider before purchasing a battery:


The price that you are willing to pay for your battery will heavily affect the quality of battery that you will get. In the majority of cases, you shouldn’t expect to receive a top quality battery for under $100. You really do get what you pay for.


There are whole host of important features that you need to be aware of before you purchase a car battery which will be described in the technical specification of the battery. Of course for beginners it can be difficult to know what features matter the most which can make the buying process longer.

One of the most important features is the “cold cranking amps” of the batter which relates to how well the battery can start in cold temperatures which is incredibly important if you live in a country/area which regularly has cold winter or weather. The higher the cold cranking amps the better it is as starting in cold environments.

Reserve capacity is also incredibly important as it will tell you the maximum amount of minutes that the battery can be powered by the minimum power. So essentially this will tell you the length of time that a fully charged car batter can provide 25 amps of current in an 80F environment before it is then decreased down to 10.5 volts.


The quality of your battery can be measured by several features and factors that all work together to provide the best solution. The best indicator of quality is its ability to maintain charge for extended periods of time whilst supplying a consistent supply of power. The better a battery is at this, the more it will cost however in the long run it’s more than worth it.

Ease of Installation

A user friendly battery is extremely important, as you should be able to carry out as many car tasks as possible without having to call on a mechanic which not only will cost you money but also time. It is highly recommended that you not only choose a battery that is lightweight and easy to install simply by connecting several wires, but also a battery that is maintenance free and user friendly so you can quickly hook it up and begin to benefit from its features.

Purpose of Use

The most important question you should consider before even looking for potential batteries is what you will be using the battery for. Are you going to be using it for a car? Or boat? Or appliance. Once you have confirmed its main use then this will make the buying purchase significantly easier and save you time and effort. A battery that may be great for your home appliance may not be optimal for your car for a whole host of reasons such as not supplying enough power.


Of course Optima batteries are long lasting however all kinds of car batteries will need maintenance to some extent to ensure that it is performing at its best. Of course the better the battery the less maintenance it will require. However this is not a factor that should be overlooked, and is a key reason why you will save yourself from many headaches by purchasing a higher quality battery.


Top quality manufacturers will back up their claims with a strong warranty to cover their products in the case of defects or faults. Inevitably no matter what battery you buy there is a chance that your car may break down, so it is important to buy a battery that has a ful warranty to cover you. This will entitle you to either a free replacement or a repair.

Closing remarks

It’s not often that a product category is dominated by one clear leader, however when it comes to the best batteries, Optima is one of the obvious choices. It is no surprise due to their high quality products, and whilst they are slightly more expensive than competitor products it is worth every cent due to their superior build quality.

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