Best Tire Wheel Cleaners and Shine For Your Vehicle

Your tires are in constant contact with the road so inevitably they will get dirty quickly as they pick up dirt, dust, tar and grease. Dirty tyres take away from the overall appearance of your vehicle Using the best tire shine on your wheel will give your car the final sparkling touch that it deserves and it’s easy to apply.

Several years ago, you’d have to buy tire cleaners and wheel cleaners separately but now you’re able to by all in one solutions that allow you to clean the wheel and tires with the same product. Tire and wheel cleaners are universal so the most popular ones are used worldwide for a range of different vehicle types.

We’ve developed this buying guide to reduce the time you will spend making a decision by showing you the best wheel and tire cleaners that are on the market.





1. TriNova Tire and Wheel Cleaner



2. Chemical Guys Tire and Wheel Cleaner



3. Car Guys Tire and Wheel Cleaner



4. Meguiar's Hot Rims Tire and Wheel Cleaner



5. Sonax Tire and Wheel Cleaner



5. Sonax Tire and Wheel Cleaner Review


The Sonax tire and wheel cleaner is a highly effective, acid free and pH balance wheel and rim cleaner that works to quickly remove even the most stubborn brake dust and dirt that is on any type of wheel surface.

The cleaner is a clear liquid and once applied it turns red as it begins to loosen the dust and dirt from the surface of the wheels. It is safe for use on all types of wheels including painted, anodized, clear coated, alloys, aluminium and powder coated.

The formula is even safe for use on motorcycle wheels and custom wheels and comes in a 16.9 oz bottle providing you with numerous applications of the product which gives you enough time to see how effective it is.

You also have the choice of buying in multipacks which will save you money in the long run and a wheel cleaner is a product that you should be using regularly to keeo your wheels and tires in top condition.

4. Meguiar's Hot Rims Tire and Wheel Cleaner Review


Meguiars are not now to the car product market and have built an exceptional reputation not only for their high-quality products but also their consistency over time, and this is no different with their Hot Rims Tire and Wheel Cleaner.

The cleaner has Xtreme Cling foam which clings strongly to vertical surfaces whilst penetrating and dissolving brake, dust and grime. It is safe and effective on factory painted and clear coated rims plus tires so you don’t need to worry about any potential damage that could occur.

Because using the wrong type of tire cleaner on the wrong type of wheels can cause damage, this is great if you aren’t sure what type of wheels that you have. You simply just test the cleaner on a small area of you wheels to see the reaction.

The cleaner is easy to use and is convenient to use with its simple trigger spray control and it is easy to wash off with a hose, leaving your rims with a lovely shine. This is especially effective if over the years you haven’t given your wheels the attention they deserve leading to a large build up of grime and dirt. This is one of the best solutions for this scenario because it will penetrate and break up dirt with east.

It comes in a 24oz bottle which will provide a generous number of applications to all four of your wheels.

3. Car Guys Tire and Wheel Cleaner Review


The Car Guys tire and wheel cleaner is a great solution for you to clean your wheels, and is not only effective for dirt and grime but also cleans salt that often accumulates during winter. This is very important because salt can often cause just as much damage as dirt, because it will damage protective coats which will lead to ruse spots developing. Once you have finished cleaning, the Car Guys cleaners will easily wash away.

The cleaner is compatible on all types of wheel and tire without causing damage or stains. It will also clean all kinds of tire and wheel types including alloy, anodized, chrome, painted, aluminium, polished, clear coated and plasti-dipped rime.

The gel is super concentrated which reduces the amount of product that you need per application, which saves you money in the long term. Once applied, the gel clings to the wheels to reduce the amount of run off and provide the maximum cleaning power.

The cleaner is also environmentally friendly can contains no chemicals that will be harmful to the environment. The product is manufactured within the USA and has been specially created to be pH balance, non-toxic and acid free whilst also meeting all the safety regulations.

Even if you have a classic car with white wall tires, this product is for you. In addition the product comes with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee so if you aren’t fully happy with the product then you can return it for a no questions asked refund. All you have to do is get in contact with them.

2. Chemical Guys Tire and Wheel Cleaner Review


Chemical Guys are quickly changing the car product industry, and despite only being established for a few years they have become one of the leaders in the market by created forward thinking innovative products that are extremely effective.

The cleaner cleans brake dust and general road grime off your wheel, suspension and brakes with ease. The formulation contains citrus based ingredients which work to power and penetrate through contamination and grime. The signature series wheel cleaner helps to remove contamination build up before it can cause permanent damage and corrosion to your wheels and brake parts.

The formula is safe for a all types of wheel types so you don’t need to worry about any potential side effects. These wheel types include clear coat finished, gloss pain, polished metal, rubber and chrome.

This is definitely one of the best tire cleaners on the market and would be a great addition to every vehicle owners cleaning regime to remove the toughest dirt, debris and grime.

The product is supplied ina concentrated formula so you can either use at full strength for tough dirt, or you can dilute it for lighter duty cleaning jobs. This gives you greater versatility and also makes the product longer lasting. Additionally the product is available in a number of different sizes, so if you plan on using it for the foreseeable future you can by in larger amounts at a lower price saving you money in the long term.

1. TriNova Tire and Wheel Cleaner Review


The TriNova wheel cleaning gel is a safe and effective cleaner and a great way to give your wheels a bright sparkling clean even if they have years of dirt build up. You can use without fear of damaging your wheels even if they’re brand new, and it is completely safe with your brake system and lug nuts.

The cleaner is a premium spray that will easily break up tough dirt and grime that are caused by daily driving, brake dust and oil residue. The spray can even be used to battle against salt and snow that can reduce the great appearance of your wheels throughout winter.

The TriNova tire and wheel cleaner can also be used to quickly restore your car wheels to the shine they have when your car was brand new on the showroom floor. It uses a concentrated formula to penetrate deep into stains that are caused from dirt.

We all know that not all vehicle tyres are made from the same materials, but TriNova have created a wheel cleaning gel that is suitable and safe for all wheel types from Chrome to Aluminium to white-wall tires. Regardless, it will give you the clean that you’re looking for, giving you one less thing to worry about.

The formulation is also acid free which means you don’t need to worry about any long term damage being caused to your car, so its great to use for all types of vehicles from SUV’s to sports cars. This our number 1 pick as the best tire cleaner.

Buying Guide


The brand you choose to buy will play a large role in the overall quality of the product that you’ll be using. Established brands that have been around for years are better to trust because they have built a strong reputation with actual users, whereas as many newer brands are yet to do this. There is a general pattern that the longer the brand has been established the higher quality the product will be and will leave you with better results.


Everyone will have a budget and maximum amount of money that they are willing to spend on a tire and wheel cleaner. The price you pay will often correlate to the quality and brand of the product. It’s often to spend a little bit more to ensure that you end up with a higher quality product that will leave you with your desired results.


The bigger brands will often offer a guarantee with their products, so in the event that you’re not happy with the results of the tire or wheel cleaner they will provide you with your money back with no questions asked. In some cases, you don’t even need to send the bottle back. This is not only great customer service, but also gives you added peace of mind that you’re buying from a company that believes in their product.

Car wheel type

You need to ensure that your chosen cleaner is suitable for you wheel type, and an easy way to make sure is to buy a cleaner that is suitable for all wheel types. Not all wheels are the same so for example aluminum will need a different type of cleaner to chrome wheels. The best wheel cleaners will have a universal formula that is safe for all wheel types, whilst still giving you the sparkling clean finish you need.

Environmentally Friendly

It’s common for inferior products to contain harmful products which is why they are able to be sold at such low prices, because these dangerous chemicals are cheaper to produce.

This can cause irreversible damage to the environment, however there are also tire cleaning products that use environmentally friendly products that are safe and meet all the safety regulations whilst also being manufactured within the USA.

Type of Tire Brush

When you apply the cleaner you will need a tire brush to make the most of the product. These brushes are very affordable but are important to ensure that your wheels get the result you desire. Be sure to take note of the length of the brush to ensure that it is long enough to reach the rear of the wheel without difficulty.

The material of the brush is also important, for example a nylon material brush will be more durable and long lasting. In addition, the density of the brush is important because a lower density brush will allow you to reach into tighter spaces where dirt accumulates and settles.

Although you can get multi-purpose brushes or use a brush you already have in your home, we recommend that you purchase a dedicated brush or a brush from the same manufacturer that has made the cleaner. Buying a good tire brush will not only make the cleaning process easier but also faster.

Application Method

There is no point buying the best tire and wheel cleaner if you don’t apply it to your wheels in the right way, so you need to ensure that you’re using the right type of applicator for different products. An easy way is to read the product instructions or directions which will often tell you their recommended applicator.

Using the wrong type of applicator can be a huge mistake but is very common. The material used on your tires are an important consideration because of the large amount of friction that is generated, this could cause damage to your tires such as scratching if the wrong product is used.

Luckily, with the best tire shine and cleaner you will often receive an applicator in the kit to make the process easy. Its recommended that you us a harder applicator for the rubber parts of the wheel, and use a sifter applicator for the main part of the wheel.

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