9 Ways To Improve Your Cars Fuel Efficiency

With the cost of fuel rising as time goes on, this doesn’t need to be your worst enemy. By improving how efficiently your vehicle uses fuel you can make some significant savings and we’ve created this guide with a step by step outline.

A common complaint from vehicle owners is that they can never match the manufacturers claimed fuel economy figures, but to put these steps in to action you don’t need any specialist equipment or mechanical knowledge but will allow you to even exceed the claimed manufacturers fuel economy figures in some cases.

Although newer car models have the latest fuel saving technology, not everyone can afford to upgrade to the latest model when there are some quick wins that you can make with your existing car.

Lighten The Load

We’re all guilty of having unnecessary items in the trunk of the car, when the more weight you carry the more petrol it uses. So, remove all the infrequently used items back into your home because its increasing your fuel spend.

Think about the items you actually need in your car for each trip that you take, not just for long distance journeys because short daily journeys quickly add up. Even rook racks can lowering your fuel efficiency because the car has to work harder to move through the air as a result of the extra wind resistance that it creates.

Turn Off Air Conditioning

Using your cars air conditioning will add to the amount of petrol that your vehicle uses especially if you have an older model. Of course, there will be exceptions where it’s just too hot or cold and it needs to be turned on.

Dressing for the weather will help you limit the use of air conditioning. If it’s cold then take an extra jumper with you or if it’s extremely hot then wear less clothes or open the window to allow the cool breeze to enter.

Use Price Comparison Apps

There are many apps that you can download onto your cell phone which have been designed to show you the cheapest prices for gas in your area. All you do is put your location into the app and it will show you the cheapest gas rates local to you, then you can make your instant savings.

This is even more important because gas prices change so often between each station, that just because one was the cheapest this week it can quickly become the most expensive next week.

Drive Less

We’re living in a world where we’re now becoming more aware of the damage that is being caused to the earth. So, now’s the time to become less reliant on your vehicle.

Not only will you save money on fuel by leaving your car at home, but also on all the additional charges such as congestion charges, parking and the risk of having your car stolen or vandalized.

Alternative options of transport include walking, running, cycling, public transport or carpool services.

Regular Maintenance

By taking regular care of your vehicle you can improve its fuel efficiency, even more so if its serviced by a qualified mechanic. There are several aspects that you can take care of yourself such as the air pressure of the tyres.

You should ensure that your tyres are inflated to the air pressure recommended by the manufacturer. Tyres that are 10 percent under inflated will cause an extra 5 percent of fuel to be used needlessly.

Use Coupons And Loyalty Schemes

Supermarkets will often have discounts on their receipts which gives you a discount if you also buy fuel from them. Although the discount may only be a tiny percentage, over a long period this quickly adds up.

There are also loyalty schemes that are run by gas stations that allow you to get points for each gas purchase you make which you can then redeem as vouchers at the end of the year.

Plan Journeys

Planning your journeys can save a considerable amount of money. If you can, avoid driving into traffic black spots or busy periods because this will use more fuel. Also, use a sat nav to avoid driving in the wrong direction or further than needed.

Also, try to avoid driving on rough roads where you can because gravel and dirt roads can decrease your mileage by up to 30%. This is because these roads cause your wheels to bounce off the surface so you lose the forward momentum energy so more fuel is needed to power the vehicle.

Improve Your Driving

You can improve your fuel efficiency by improving your skills as a driver. The force you apply to the acceleration pedal increases the amount of fuel that you use which means that your overall driving technique directly correlates to your fuel efficiency.

When driving, you should change gear early whilst accelerating, braking gently and changing into a higher gear earlier.

If you have a modern car then it’s very likely you’ll have stop-start technology which can be a money saver if you use it effectively. This is because if you sit with your foot on the clutch then the engine will burn fuel but once you remove your foot this will stop.

Avoid resting your foot on the brake whilst you drive, because the smallest amount of pressure causes mechanical drag on the interior components which begins to wear them down. This means that fuel needs to be used to combat this drag effect, however slight.

You should also avoid tailgating other vehicles because not only is it very unsafe but if the drive in front brakes suddenly then this will affect your fuel economy if you suddenly break

Get All The Fuel That You’ve Paid For

When you’re filling up at the pump, keep the hose in the tank after the pump shuts off for a few extra seconds. This will ensure that all the fuel will pour out of the nozzle into your tank.

 It’s common for up to a quarter of a cup of fuel can pour from the hose that you’ve paid for that ends up going into the next cars fuel tank. You’ve paid for it, so make sure you get it all.

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